​Ctrl-Alt-2017: CIO’s New Year’s resolutions

As a CIO in this hyper-speed technology and business landscape, where agitated consumers, switch-happy businesses, stunned business and political leaders, twitchy tweeters and fantasy wielding futurists reign, what should your New Year’s resolutions for 2017 be?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Approach 2017 with optimism, pragmatism and readiness to pivot to the unseen, unknown and unexpected. Imagine extreme possibilities and keep an open mind, even to the unimaginable. Build these into your scenario planning and risk management.
  • Nurture a high trust culture, with the pace and flexibility and camaraderie that you’ll need to respond to and lead your business in uncertain times.
  • Re-organise around small autonomous agile teams, to attract and stimulate an even more diverse group of highly talented people. Engage with startups and digital partners to augment your capabilities and products.
  • Become a more creative IT unit. Experiment more, encouraging your teams to explore many new ideas, iteratively.
  • Spend time developing yourself, for only then can you lead by example with focus, balance and strength.

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